Fidelity Bonds

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The Bond Agency writes all types of Fidelity Bonds (also know as Dishonesty Bonds) for all types of businesses. These bonds protect a business against theft by employees. In many cases a Fidelity Bond can be written to provide coverage to a third party (i.e. customers of the business). Business Service Bonds / Janitorial Service Bonds are examples of bonds that extend third party coverage. If you are a janitorial service company and you wish to obtain third party Fidelity coverage to protect your customers, select the Business Services Bond.

We also write standard Fidelity Bonds for businesses. We have applications for bond limits below $500,000 as well as above $500,000.

Business Services Bond. Required of small businesses such as janitorial services and home health care services, or any business that provides their service inside of another premises. Click Here to open and download the business services fidelity bond application.

Fidelity Bonds for businesses (up to $500k) Click Here to open and download the fidelity bond application.

Large Fidelity Bonds for businesses (above $500k) Click Here to open and download the fidelity bond application.

ERISA Bonds. Bonds required to comply with Federal Statutes governing 401(k) and other retirement accounts. Click Here to open and download the ERISA fidelity application.


If you are an agent or broker and are interested in placing bond business with The Bond Agency, click here to contact us and let us know.