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The Bond Agency writes Bid Bonds and Performance Bonds for contractors of all sizes, large and small. We have authority to issue bonds on contracts up to $1,000,000 which makes us very competitive for small contractors, start-up contractors, and contractors that may not qualify for the standard bond market. We have markets for premier contractors up to $700,000,000 per contract.

To apply, start by completing the below form and we will contact you with a list of underwriting requirements.

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For small bonds, up to $400,000,

All that we need is a short application. Additional information such as a Personal Financial Statements or Business Financial Statements may be required if aggregate bonding exceeds $400,000.

Bonds in excess of $400,000 we’ll need:

Contractor Questionnaire

Business Financial Statement as of the most recent Fiscal Year End. (CPA Statement or Internal Financial Statement from your Accounting System).

Personal Financial Statement

Work on Hand Report

(To complete the above electronically, right click (or long press) and save the form to your device and then open. You will then be able to fill out the fields, save the file and email it back to us).


What is a Bid Bond?

A Bid Bond is given to a Government Agency or General Contractor, at the time of a bid which guarantees that if the Contractor (Principal) is awarded the contract the Principal will enter into the contract and post the required Performance and Payment Bonds. Bid bonds are typically required only as a percentage of the Principals bid, usually 10%.

What is a Performance Bond?

The Performance Bond follows the Bid Bond if the Contractor (Principal) is awarded a contract. The Performance Bond guarantees that the Contractor will complete the contract in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications. The Performance Bond is required as a condition of being awarded the contract.

What is a Payment Bond?

A Payment Bond is usually issued along with the Performance Bond. The Payment Bond guarantees that material suppliers and sub-contractors will be paid. Though Payment Bonds are typically separate documents they are issued for no extra charge, when required.